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Analysis and Solution of Echo in Bluetooth Headphones During Calling
Nov 15, 2017

More and more people use Bluetooth headphones, at the same time some headphone problem complainted by consumer,  including earphone echo problem, but there are many reasons leading to echo problem, including the following factors :

I. Mobile Phone problem

Cell phone using time is too long, some of the internal components of the conversation may be old or failure, caused echo in the process of calling.  However, if a new phone with not good quality, there may be such problem too.

Solution: It is recommended to bring the phone to the phone repair center or cell phone shop to check.

II. Phone Setting Problem

When the phone set the call recording, in this way, there may be echo too.

Solution: Turn off the call recording, there will be no echo. Steps: Settings - Call Settings - Extended Settings - If the incoming call is recorded - Cancel.


III. Signal Problem

The process of calling may encounter signal interference problems, thus affecting the quality of the headset call, resulting in the call of the echo problem. In addition, sound reflection may occur between buildings, weather and other factors interfere with mobile phones or base stations, etc., will have a response.

Solution: If you encounter this situation, then please hang up or select the building is not intensive place to call and so on.


IV. Bluetooth headphone problem

In fact, the main issue is the Bluetooth headphone itself. In particular, he earphone internal structure design is not reasonable caused.  Sound in the spread of the process, if encountered obstacles, it inevitably produce echo, structural design is unreasonable, it will lead to excessive echo, people can clearly feel it, especially the Bluetooth headset Microphone design and handset closer, it is more likely to produce echo. If you disconnect the Bluetooth headset you can eliminate the echo, connect the Bluetooth headset and echo, then this is the headset itself problem.

Solution: It is recommended to first bluetooth headset volume down a little, if there is still echo, then it is recommended for a better quality Bluetooth headset.

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