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Bluetooth headset benefits
Mar 28, 2017

1, the use of Bluetooth headset drivers will feel very free. Whether it is back when looking back, or after the car stand back to take the back of things, when the car is very convenient to answer calls, without any care, better protect your safety.

2. Bluetooth headset quality is good, and sometimes even more than the direct answer to the phone call effect is also clear. Whether it is in the running. Sports. Fitness. Give you a natural hearing to enjoy the sounds of nature. And now the Bluetooth headset is a lot more to release your hands function (answer / end / reject / transfer, phone waiting, redial, mute, volume adjustment, multi-point connection, listening to music playback / pause, noise reduction, APP camera, voice timekeeping, etc.)

3. use the Bluetooth headset, there is a we can not ignore the benefits: health! Often talk about the phone must have this experience, hand-held close to the ear, not only the hands and neck easily lead to soreness, talk for a long time even the head gradually pain up. Bluetooth headphones electromagnetic waves than the phone is low, talk about the phone as long as the phone in the briefcase or pocket, wear headphones easy to speak, neither hands will be held high, but also can effectively reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves on the human body.