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Bluetooth headset problem in daily use and solutions
Nov 24, 2017

According to the vast majority of users encountered problems, summarized under the common problems and solutions, hoping to help you to better understand and use Bluetooth headset products.

Bluetooth headset cannot power on

   Possible reason:

   1. The product battery is out of power or the battery power is low

   2. Pressing the power button is not long enough


   1. Charge the headset and try again

   2. Generally press power button (multi-function key) for about 3 seconds, the indicator light up, long press 6 seconds or more to enter the pairing mode


   1. If the battery is completely discharged, the red light will be on after charging for about 30 minutes. (For headset long time not be used)

   2. Long press means press and hold the button until you reach the goal and then let go

The phone can not search the Bluetooth headset successfully

   Possible Reason:

   1. Bluetooth headset is not turned on, not in pairing status

   2. Bluetooth headset error

   3 mobile phone Bluetooth program error


   1. Power off Bluetooth headset, press and hold the Bluetooth multi-function key (on / off key) for about 6 seconds, until the red and blue light flashing into the pairing state

   2. The Bluetooth headset to restore the factory settings

   3. All the pairing information stored in the Bluetooth mobile phone will be cleared, restart the phone to search Bluetooth again


   1. Bluetooth headset into the pairing mode, connect within 2 minutes, if bluetooth headset does not pair with device within 2 minutes, the headset will automatically power off .

   2. When charging, Bluetooth will automatically reset once, after charging, you need to restart the connection

Bluetooth headset have no sound or voice call

   Possible Reason:

   1. Headphones is too far from the mouth

   2. Earphone's microphone is clogged or has water


   1. Bluetooth headset to wear on the ear to normal use

   2. Clear the obstruction of the microphone or prevent the michole from getting into the water


   1. Headphones in use, the best headphones to wear on the head to use, can not be too far away

   2. To keep the Bluetooth headset clean, do not put in water, or internal electronic components easily damaged

Bluetooth headset is disconnect in calling or listenning music,

   Possible Reason:

   1. Bluetooth headset battery power is low

   2. Bluetooth headset is too far from the phone or there is obstacles between phone and headset.

   3. There is a problem with the phone's Bluetooth signal

   Strong signal interference nearby


   1. Charge the headset as soon as the battery power is low

   2. Make bluetooth headset as close as possible to the phone, if long distance assure no obstacle in the middle.

   3. Please do not use hands cover Bluetooth, in order to maintain the continuity of the signal stability, please try to keep Bluetooth and mobile phones in the same direction

   4. Do not put metal objects near the phone, try another place


   1. Bluetooth in use, make headphones as close to the phone, not too far away

   2. There should be no metal or other objects that affect the wireless signal between the phone and Bluetooth

   3. In high-power strong signal environment will affect the using effect.

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