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Headset after the ultimate treatment of water Dafa
Mar 28, 2017

1 headphones sound principle: tympanic membrane vibration

2 headphones into the sound of the reasons for the smaller: water droplets adhere to the tympanic membrane above the deformation of the tympanic membrane, affecting the tympanic membrane vibration frequency and vibration of other parameters

3 solution:

1) get rid of the water in the headset: dry, cold dry, facing the back of the head of the three holes blowing hard, and so on

2) the shape of the tympanic membrane to restore as ever: this is the key.

Specific methods: in the case of little water in the headset, first clean the front of the headset metal film position, and then cover the front of the headphones head, first with the headphones exhale, do not leak, will hear the voice of piapia, and then Headphones inhale, do not leak, and will hear the voice of piapia, after a few back and forth, the headphones tympanic membrane shape will be restored, but do not blow and wash when too much force. Finally complete a breathing or blowing, so that the tympanic membrane to a direction to start.

4 Note: Because of the long time into the water and then hot air headphones caused by tympanic membrane deformation is not easy to get, and the method I only tried once, be considered 100% success.