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Headset manufacturers share headphones using longer methods
Mar 28, 2017

First, pay attention to plug: headset connector and cable through the solder joint connection, which is considered the most vulnerable parts of the headset, frequent or excessive force plug easily lead to loss of solder joints, poor contact. Therefore, users should try to avoid frequent plug headphones. Even if you need to plug, can not use brute force.

Second, the cable finishing: headset cable is more than metal material, players should pay attention to strengthen the cable finishing, to avoid the finishing or misconfigured cable caused by headset cable aging. When not in use, the headset cable according to a certain degree of curvature of the line, do not fold the cable, because it is likely to cause cable break.

Third, the use of the environment: the use of the environment is not conducive to the use of headphones, headphones is best not to high temperature, humidity, cold, strong magnetic and other environments. In the high temperature or humid environment, the headphone diaphragm is very easy to deformation; and cold environment, the headset cable is easy to harden, excessive bending may cause the cable break; strong magnetic environment will cause the head of the magnet performance , And thus the sensitivity decreased.