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Headset manufacturers tell you the difference between headphones and ordinary headphones
Mar 28, 2017

First of all, the headset speaker diaphragm material is different, it will lead to different bands of different sound volume, fine degree will be different, such as: bass volume enough ah, okay ah.

Second, the overall shape of the headphones of the headphones can also lead to different changes in sound waves after reflection. The specific choice of what shape will need to listen to, to adjust. In addition, such as the bass enough in front of the problem, but also consider the bass will not be too large and the sound, treble volume will not be too big or too small, how the IF ... ... Although the machine can be measured, but specific The effect is to rely on experienced people to listen to, to adjust, to determine the mass production.

Due to the front of the signal, jack, wire, etc., will have an impact on the signal, in order to reduce the attenuation of the signal, casually a similar headset connectors are gold-plated. In addition, in order to better weaken the noise of the device, the greater the better the internal resistance of the headset, but the internal resistance is too large, and ordinary MP3 and does not move, so how the internal resistance of the headset, what impact, what equipment These also have to carefully study.