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listening music while doing sports what affect for body?
Dec 08, 2017


If you often run and exercise, you will have a wonderful feeling, as if listening to music, you can run longer and farther. I carefully noticed these days a few days, to exercise the gym, even if the Museum has broadcast music, there are still many people like to wear their own sports headphones. However, as my private teaching does not agree with listening to music when exercising, he thinks the music is distracted and can not always feel his breathing frequency, his physical condition, and even the exercise effect.

Music in the running process will have any effect?

Listening to music can make people feel less tired while running

At the right amount of exercise, music can reduce our tiredness and increase the efficiency of physical exertion. When music stimulates the human brain from outside, parts of the body's signals can not be transmitted to the brain, such as the tiredness of muscles or organs. At this point the music becomes a distraction tool to distract your movements, which means the music can make you run light and run more easily.

How to listen to music can speed up?

A sports psychologist in the UK has done such a follow-up experiment. They invited 15 amateur male runners close to them to undergo a 30-week experiment. The runners needed a series of tests and trainings to complete a 5-km run on the 400-meter runway.

The study found that runners listening to slow songs or fast songs, they reached the end of the time gap was not, with an average of 26 points and 26 minutes 5 seconds; and in the case of not listening to music, runners average arrival time It is 27 minutes and 19 seconds. Choosing your favorite lighter music and then playing it while running can increase your fat burning by 20% as the music reduces fatigue, increases energy and helps you speed up your movement.

3. Listen to music can extend exercise time, improve endurance

If followed by the beat music movement, people's endurance and metabolic efficiency have improved, help to improve aerobic endurance exercise performance. This means extending your exercise time and increasing your stamina with almost constant running intensity. Researchers have found that long-distance elite athletes typically take 180 steps per minute. Some runners will listen to some running music practice 180 steps running.

4. Music can also create an atmosphere to overcome the monotony of tiredness

One of the more important reasons why many runners choose to listen to music while running is that listening to music often leads us to run

Faster and easier. This is because music can help overcome the monotonous and tired feelings of prolonged single exercise patterns. Music can get you into the best state as quickly as you can, listening to music best when you run those familiar and easy road segments. In addition. Music can also relieve tension, especially in the marathon runners before the race, you can play a very good incentive and emotional relief. In life, everyone is under pressure. We need to vent them through reasonable channels. Music and sports are definitely the best mix this time around.

That everyone is suitable for running music? the answer is negative.

1. Strict runner listening to music may disrupt the rhythm

Music does not work for everyone. While running, the nerve center of the command movement was in an excited state while the other nerve centers were in a state of repression. While listening to headphones while running, will direct the movement of the nerve center is suppressed, it is difficult to achieve the training effect. In general, a serious runner (a runner who refreshes a PB or participates in a competition, etc.) is more focused on the body's feedback such as breathing and heart rate. To them, the music can upset the rhythm of running, for example, we rarely see high-level athletes listening to music during normal training, which is the truth.

Road runners to listen to music beware

While running outdoors, concerts block your breath and footsteps, all important feedbacks from the body during exercise. And wearing headphones can not hear the surrounding situation, can not know whether there is a car or a man behind you, so more dangerous.

Anything positive and negative, listening to running is no exception.

Xiaobian think in a special place for running, such as gym, suitable parks, gymnasium, playground and other safe environment, like listening to runners who can rest assured wearing headphones to run. And the streets, the streets of these people more cars and more complex environment should pay more attention to the road conditions, we must observe the traffic, some people have to immediately flee the car, out of security considerations are not suitable to wear headphones.

Another point is very important, especially women, where people are less or more secluded place, night run when try not to wear headphones to listen to music, after all, is the most important safety.

So, how should we choose our own running music?

A great part of music's positive impression of running is that you choose the right music.

 In the early stages of running, the runner can choose some of the lighter songs to give him a dynamic start; in the medium run, the runner should select the rhythmier piece of music to keep his pace running at a steady rate ; At the end of the last runner should choose the lyrics, with stretching, etc., to relax just intensive use of muscle groups.

Four aspects of a song determine its influence on the movement: rhythm, tone, cultural connotation and cultural exchange. Every minute

Beat music (BPM) between 120-140 is the sport of choice, because this rhythm and human heart rate coincide. The pace of movement and music melody can reduce aerobic exercise required by 7%; strong sense of encouragement of music has the function of disintegration fatigue, which can increase the athlete's stamina by 15%.

Research shows that listening to music while exercising can help regulate and maintain exercise pace. In this study, people were listening to music using sports bluetooth headphones while exercising. As a result, they found that their physical activity was greatly improved. They averaged an average of 261.1 minutes of exercise per week. So a good sports class Bluetooth headset is not only a good partner when you exercise, or help you quickly lose weight, a good helper.