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Music health correct, according to the environment to choose the right headset
Mar 28, 2017

Remember that a long time ago the headset channel published an article on the subway on the serious damage to the article, its meaning is because the subway is a closed space in a high degree of shuttle, resulting in a band of noise on the eardrum will have a strong stimulus. So when the most subway ride to take the initiative to wear noise reduction headphones to listen to music.

Bus: ear earphones

Although the noise inside the bus environment is extremely complex, but compared to the subway is much better, and will not produce damage to the hearing of the band, so we choose the headset when the product can focus on sound quality rather than reduce the noise. Here we recommend the use of in-ear headphones on the bus, the sound effects in terms of excellent in-ear headphones can be isolated from the external 22 dB of noise, to protect our hearing a great help.