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5 Big Headset Classification Way Do You Know How Much?
Mar 28, 2017

1, and other magnetic headphones drive similar to the narrow plane speaker, it will be embedded in the voice coil into the thin diaphragm, like a printed circuit board, you can make the average distribution of driving force. The magnets concentrate on one or both sides of the diaphragm (push-pull), and the diaphragm vibrates in the magnetic field it forms. Such as magnetic headphones diaphragm without electrostatic earphone diaphragm as light, but there is the same large vibration area and similar sound quality, it is better than moving coil headset high efficiency, easy to drive.

2, moving coil headset is the most common, the most common headset, and its drive unit is basically a small moving coil speaker, by the permanent magnetic field in the voice coil drive connected with the diaphragm vibration. Moving coil headset efficiency is relatively high, mostly for the audio on the headphone output drive, and reliable and durable. Generally speaking, the greater the diameter of the drive unit, the better the performance of the headset, the current consumption of headphones in the drive unit maximum diameter of 50mm, generally the flagship ear headphones.