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Bluetooth Earphones-Bluetooth Version Important?
Jul 11, 2017

  Bluetooth earphones-Bluetooth version important?

  Now a lot of when choosing Bluetooth earphones first ask: "Which version is this?" Small addendum to you to explain the Bluetooth earphones version.

  Current market mainstream Bluetooth earphones version 2.1, 3.0, 4.0; Compared with the 2.1 version of the Bluetooth earphones, 3.0 of the version is mainly the data transfer rate has been greatly improved, Bluetooth 3.0 data transfer rate to approximately 24Mbps is Bluetooth 2.1 version of eight times times, Bluetooth earphones because Bluetooth 3.0 version is a high-speed transmission of large amounts of data, so in the power consumption is also to consume more power, while the 4.0 version of Bluetooth earphones is the Bluetooth 3.0 version of the upgraded version, the main body is now the power consumption, than the 3.0 version of the Bluetooth earphones to save power.

  The biggest feature of the 2.1 version is the low price. Some buy Bluetooth headphones always feel the higher the quality of the better, in fact, Bluetooth earphones because the main use of Bluetooth headphones is to listen to songs or watch video or voice calls, for the signal transmission requirements are not high, so Bluetooth 2.1 version of the normal Bluetooth earphones is used, there is no need to choose the expensive version of the 3.0 or 4.0 version of the Bluetooth earphones.