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Bluetooth Earphones Has Been A Good Tool For The Promotion Of Business Efficiency
Oct 19, 2017

Bluetooth headset is a small device based on Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth headset is Bluetooth technology will be used in hands-free headphones, so that users can avoid annoying wires tied down, freely in a variety of ways to easily call. Since the advent of the Bluetooth headset, has been a good tool for the promotion of business efficiency.


Pairing method

First, the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone pairing method:

1, the first use, try to make headphones rushed 2-4 hours or so, after charging 2 hours can be, preferably not more than 4 hours.

2, click the phone settings in the Bluetooth settings, select "open" to complete. This opens the phone's Bluetooth support.

3, in the Bluetooth headset off state, hold down the headset multi-function keys MFB3 seconds or more, until the headset on the blue light (note is always bright, the matching process has been bright, not flashing or not bright), then Bluetooth headset has In a state that can be found.

4, enter the password on the phone (0000), headset lights flash quickly, that is successful pairing.

5, open the phone on the Bluetooth option, to find a successful search to the headset will be displayed on the list [MotorolaHS850], confirm.

6, click on the Bluetooth headset name: MOTOROLAHS850, open, select the binding. Upon completion, the phone is connected to the Bluetooth headset. At this point the phone may have similar to the usb "ding dong" tone, turn off the Bluetooth headset, it may also have a similar tone, which can determine whether the Bluetooth headset and the phone is connected.

If you only use the phone to communicate with the Bluetooth headset, rather than and other Bluetooth devices to exchange information, you can select the binding check box.

Voice call

Bluetooth headset to use:

1, use the voice call: press the MFB key (press no more than 1 second and hear a beep is a short press), say you want to call the person's name, provided that you want to store on the phone Voice call record. Very practical, huh, huh!

2, dial the last call number: long press multi-function keys, you can complete the redial.

3, answer calls: short press MFB key.

4, the end of the call: short press MFB key.

Charge indication

First, the Bluetooth headset plug in the charger:

1, the indicator light is bright, that is charging.

2, the indicator light goes out, that charge is complete.

Second, the Bluetooth headset is not plugged in Charger:

1, the indicator light goes off, that has been shut down.

2, the indicator light is bright, said into the pairing mode.

3, the indicator light flashing 5 times, that pairing success.

4, the indicator light flashes once every 3 seconds, that is in standby mode.

5, the indicator light flashing once every 8 seconds, that is in a call state.

Precautions: When the headset is exhausted, there are 5 short tones every 20 seconds.