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Bluetooth Earphones How To Connect The Computer?
Jul 24, 2017

  bluetooth earphones how to connect the computer?

  Basic all the phones are equipped with Bluetooth, but the computer is not necessarily, and some notebook with Bluetooth, and some computers are not, especially those desktop assembly machine, how to connect the bluetooth earphones computer? We look at the detailed steps:

  1 with a Bluetooth-enabled notebook or desktop computer, these computer devices built-in Bluetooth module, the system will generally install the drive device, and with Bluetooth-enabled computers are generally connected to the Bluetooth driver, of course, if not updated We can also download the corresponding model on the Internet to install the driver to use.

  2 If the driver installation is normal, we also need to open the computer's Bluetooth function, and then with the bluetooth earphones to match. Some bluetooth earphones is the need to match the password, the general bluetooth earphones default password is "0000", but each brand password is not necessarily the same, you can find the password above the instructions.

  3 Bluetooth-free computer to connect bluetooth earphones need to use an external Bluetooth adapter or in the computer to install the Bluetooth module, and some computers have additional jack can be installed on the motherboard module, but this is not a A simple way to use a Bluetooth adapter is both simple and economical because it is cheaper. Bluetooth adapter is usually purchased when the drive CD or download address, we also need to correctly install the driver before they can use.

  bluetooth earphones connection Note:

  1, the first use, as far as possible headphones rushed 2-4 hours or so, after the charge can be 2 hours, the instructions are so to say, it is best not to more than 4 hours.

  2, if only with a mobile phone and bluetooth earphones communication, rather than and other Bluetooth devices to exchange information, you can select the binding check box.