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Bluetooth Earphones OEM/ODM Production Of The Difference!
Oct 30, 2017

OEM or OEM production believe that many people have heard, many Bluetooth earphones manufacturers are also claiming to provide OEM/ODM production services, today I will give you the popular science under OEM production and ODM production differences, for those who are not very strong capital, but also want to enter the Bluetooth earphones industry, to understand these, may be helpful to your choice.

OEM is the initials of original equipment manufacturers in English, the basic meaning of the brand owner focused on research and development and sales, bluetooth earphones the production of products through the contract order of the way commissioned by other manufacturers of similar products production. After the purchase of the product to buy, and directly affixed to their brand trademark. This kind of entrust others to produce the cooperation way abbreviation OEM, commonly known as OEM production or production, undertake processing task of the manufacturers are known as OEMs, this mode of production in the first popular in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, bluetooth earphones the end of the last century prevailed in the mainland coastal open cities.

ODM is an abbreviation of the original English design manufacturer. Refers to a manufacturer after the design of a product, by other enterprises fancy, require to affix the latter brand name to produce, or slightly modify the design to produce. To undertake the design, bluetooth earphones manufacturing business manufacturers are known as ODM manufacturers. The product proposal designed by the manufacturer can be bought or not purchased in a way that is offered to the brand owner.

In short, OEM business model is my design products let you help me produce. bluetooth earphones ODM business model is my fancy you design products, to paste my logo production to me. The two methods have their own characteristics and are also used by many large-scale enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.