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Bluetooth Earphones Pairing
Jun 14, 2017

  bluetooth earphones pairing

  Many consumers buy a bluetooth earphones, the most likely to encounter is no way to phone and bluetooth earphones paired, of course, can not use the bluetooth earphones to call. In fact, the bluetooth earphones and mobile phone pairing is very simple, as long as the following methods, basically can guarantee a success. First of all, please put the bluetooth earphones is full, the headset is not enough power can not be used normally; this is simple, but also a lot of eager to test consumers ignored, and even often thought that the headset was broken.

  The phone's Bluetooth function is turned on, then the screen will appear on a Bluetooth icon. When the opening is complete, the phone will prompt you to search

  Bluetooth device, select "Yes". At the same time, press the power button on the top of the bluetooth earphones until the work indicator on the top of the bluetooth earphones is on. Mobile phone search to the bluetooth earphones, there will be a few seconds of the screen still motionless, the top shows to find the Bluetooth device; then please wait patiently until the phone correctly displays the name and model of the bluetooth earphones, and then select the "matching device" The At this time, the phone will have a prompt screen, allowing you to enter the matching code, in general, bluetooth earphones matching code is "0000" or "1234", the specific matching code, please refer to the manual. After the pairing is complete, you can use the bluetooth earphones to answer the call. The next time whether to turn off the phone or bluetooth earphones, then open it only need to open the Bluetooth function, there are some mobile phones need to press a button.