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Bluetooth Earphones Wear Method To Listen To Voice
Aug 04, 2017

  bluetooth earphones wear method to listen to voice

  Today, the use of bluetooth earphones more and more widely, but how to correctly use a different bluetooth earphones or need to communicate a lot, Xiaobian share a few experiences here for everyone!

  1, first of all to confirm the bluetooth earphones power is sufficient, and not access to other output devices;

  2, earplugs bluetooth earphones

  Directly into the ears in a comfortable way, as we usually use the rubber-type wired headphones as

  3, ear hanging bluetooth earphones

  Rotate the headphones above the ring, choose the right left ear or right ear, or left and right ears can be adjusted to use, and then fit the ear, hanging on the ear contours

  4, sports bluetooth earphones

  This headset is medium in weight and can easily catch the cochlear part

  5, headset type bluetooth earphones

  Many people have seen headset headphones, the same bluetooth earphones also have this, this way is to wear directly into the ears, you can put the headset on the head, but also on the back, comfortable

  6, intercom bluetooth earphones

  Now travel, a lot of tour guides will use the intercom system for everyone to explain, this is the headset into the ear, the receiver hanging on the neck on the very convenient