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Car Bluetooth Earphones Is The Old Driver Must Artifacts
Oct 23, 2017

Some time ago to take a friend car rear-end, and chasing its reasons to see the title can guess about one, one hand to drive, the other hand then phone, but when the call was an excitement, the phone also lost, side waist to pick up a second Time to crash. Of course, there are other reasons to hit, the weather under the rain, the line of sight is not very good, in front of the intersection, the car is right turn with us the same road, the problem is that he stopped at the right turn 20 meters to the location, In fact, friends have opened very slowly, there are habits to slow down, coupled with the call and rain, the speed will not be over 20 yards, but all the reasons are always rear-end.

Accident is caused by a variety of happen, how to avoid it, the above situation if the call is used in the car Bluetooth earphones? Will the situation not be the same?

The use of mobile phone calls when driving is a very dangerous thing, it will distract the driver's attention, to extend the reaction time, one-handed operation is more than the safety of both hands. And this dangerous problem, an ordinary Bluetooth earphones can easily solve. Car Bluetooth earphones focused on driving escort, noise reduction technology to make the call shop Qingxi, more liberation of the hands, so that when the call can also be a good state of driving, of course, driving or as soon as possible to end early as well.

Why drove for business with a single ear Bluetooth earphones? The first is not listening to songs, can clearly hear the words can be, do not have to do both ears, the second is to have to pay attention to listen to the outside of the abnormal situation, the driver to drive to see also listen to Oh! If the ears only listen to the sound in the headphones, it is also unsafe.