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Cause Analysis And Solution Of Echo In Bluetooth Earphones During Call
Oct 12, 2017

Cause Analysis and Solution of Echo in Bluetooth earphones During Call

More and more people use the Bluetooth earphones, at the same time some of the earphones problems will inevitably be consumer complaints, which have headphones echo problems, but there are many reasons for the existence of headphones echo, which mainly have the following Factors:

First, mobile phone problems

Mobile phone use for too long, some of the internal call components may appear aging or failure, resulting in the process of making an echo in the call. However, if the new phone is not good quality will be such a problem.

Solution: the proposed mobile phone to the mobile phone repair point or mobile phone shop to repair it.

Second, the phone set the problem

The phone set up a call recording, in which case there may be an echo.

Solution: the call recording off, there will be no echo. Step: Set - Call Settings - Extended Settings - Incoming Calls Recorded - Canceled.

Third, the signal problem

The call process may encounter a signal interference problem, which affects the quality of the earphones call, resulting in the call in the echo problem. In addition, in the building may produce sound reflection phenomenon, weather and other factors interfere with mobile phones or base stations, etc., will produce an echo.

Solution: If you encounter this situation, then please hang up or choose the building is not a dense place to call and so on.

Four, Bluetooth earphones problem

The most important thing is still the Bluetooth earphones itself. Especially the earphones cavity structure design unreasonable lead. Learned the physical to know that the sound in the process of communication, if you encounter obstacles, it is inevitable to produce an echo, structural design is unreasonable, it will lead to too much echo, people can clearly feel out, especially the Bluetooth earphones Of the microphone design and the handset closer, it is easier to produce an echo. If you disconnect the Bluetooth earphones can eliminate the echo, connect the Bluetooth earphones and have an echo, then this is the earphones itself.

Solution: It is recommended that the first volume of the Bluetooth earphones smaller, if there is still an echo, then it is recommended for a better quality Bluetooth earphones.