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Headset Manufacturers Shallow Headphones Shortcomings
Mar 28, 2017

1. Reduce the noise of the outside world to listen to music interference, that is, in a noisy environment can be used at a relatively low volume without affecting the music;

2. Headset manufacturers to elaborate and achieve the most intimate contact with the ear, greatly reducing the leakage tone. This advantage has two use of the direction, that is, increase the low-frequency texture and sense, increase the performance of the details of the music. At present, most of the low-end ear ear plugs to increase the use of low-frequency texture and the amount of sense, and high-end ear ear is used to increase the performance of the details of the music.

The shortcomings of the ear

1. For some people, wearing ear earphones is a painful thing, for otitis media and the like is not suitable;

2. use ear earplugs, may scratch the ear canal;

3. Many people use; easy cross-infection of certain bacteria;

4. Headset manufacturers to analyze the sound principle of non-natural (through the small catheter in the ear canal sound).