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Headset Manufacturers Tell You How The Headset Works
Mar 28, 2017

First, the headset works - Introduction

Headphones commonly used in Walkman, radio, mobile phones and other devices, need to use a plug connection source, through the headset makes the sound directly into our ears. The headset is essentially a pair of conversion units that receive electrical signals from a media player or receiver that drives the speaker to convert it into sound waves into the ear. Here we come to understand how the headset works it ~

Second, the headset works - - classification

Headphones according to their way of wearing can be divided into headphones, ear headphones, earphones, according to its type of transducer can be divided into moving coil headset, moving iron headphones, and other magnetic headphones, Down we come to see how many of the more common types of headset work is how it?

Third, the headset works - - moving coil

The larger the diameter of the moving coil headphones, the better the performance of the headphones, is made up of a small moving coil speaker which is driven by the voice coil in the permanent magnetic field and vibrates with the diaphragm connected to the loudspeaker. This type of headset is more efficient, reliable and durable, commonly used in sound.