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Headset Wholesale Manufacturers Talk About The Prevention Of Headphone Line Damage
Mar 28, 2017

1. prevent falling with a headset. Headphones wholesale manufacturers, people once into the deep sleep state will subconsciously turn the opposite side, the body repeatedly twist may be involved in part of the pickles in the wrist (or arm), the wrist on the coil and the ears of both ear in the body twist Moving at the same time the formation of a power contrast, cut off the headset line. For those ear plugs of the catheter for the "heavyweights" once the play may die from what, what sponge sets ah, rubber sets ah will be a permanent cause!

2. Headset wholesale manufacturers analysis, the earplugs must be made before the end of the line to ensure that both ends of the line (close to the end of the headset unit and close to the end of the plug) in a state of micro straight, or walk when the four shaking headset line repeated bending Leading to breakage (metal wire is the biggest taboo is repeated bending).

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