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How To Burn A New Headset
Mar 28, 2017

1, the first stage for the warm-up stage, we need to use white noise on the earphone diaphragm for the initial burning machine, this time takes about 30 hours, pay attention to adjust the volume to about 30%, not too much stimulation of the headset diaphragm, Because the new headphones diaphragm elastic in general, too large volume easily lead to irreversible damage.

2, the second stage for the full burning machine stage, we use the previously downloaded audition discs on the headset for further burning machine, this time about 50-80 hours, need to adjust the volume to 50%, then gradually zoom in volume, this Stage of the last 20 hours can be adjusted to 80%, after this stage you will find the headset sound and the initial has a very different, especially the nominal use of new technology diaphragm headphones change the most obvious, the overall sound quality is often obvious The improvement.

3, the third stage for the stereotypes stage, you can often listen to the music on the headset to burn the machine, so that the sound of the headset will become more suitable for their own tastes, especially the details of the sound performance is more comfortable, this need 50 hours or so, and the volume transferred to more than 80%, so that the headphone diaphragm to get a thorough activity, so high, low frequency limit to play out.