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How To Use The Bluetooth Earphones Correctly
Aug 04, 2017

  How to use the bluetooth earphones correctly

  First, boot. In the case of no boot, only need to hold the boot button for about 10 seconds, when the two lights long bright or red, blue two-color lights flashing is turned on. Half-way to see the Bluetooth light flashing do not let go. When the Bluetooth connection with the matching device after the light will become a flash.

  Second, the pairing. Headset normal boot, the phone search for Bluetooth devices, generally in about 5 seconds to search for headphones, and then select the phone you find the bluetooth earphones device, the phone will prompt you to enter the password. Universal Password 0000.

  Third, the connection. When the phone search for headphones, and you also correctly enter the password, not to say that your phone can use bluetooth earphones, and a lot of mobile phones in the Bluetooth device after the need to connect and headphones.

  Four, charging. bluetooth earphones charging time is generally about 2 hours, most of the bluetooth earphones charging red light, full of lights off.

  Difficult to solve:

  1. The phone can not search for a bluetooth earphones


  ① to confirm whether the Bluetooth boot (whether the indicator light or red, blue light alternately flashing);

  ② If Bluetooth is still unable to boot, please restart the Bluetooth and mobile phone.

  2. bluetooth earphones and mobile phone connection is always broken or no noise


  ① bluetooth earphones power shortage, need to charge the bluetooth earphones as soon as possible;

  ② There is a barrier between the phone and the Bluetooth or the distance from the signal, please do not hand over the Bluetooth, in order to maintain the continuous stability of the signal, please try to keep the Bluetooth and mobile phones in the same direction.

  3. Bluetooth is connected, but can not listen to songs


  ① monaural bluetooth earphones only in the paired Nokia mobile phone can use Bluetooth to listen to music, if you are not using the Nokia mobile phone, can not use mono Bluetooth to listen to music;

  ② check the Bluetooth settings, the sound path to the hands-free device;

  ③ part of the domestic mobile phone and cottage phone also need to enter the player to set two places in the player to open the Bluetooth function and in the following one of the headset icon to select just connected Bluetooth device click OK.

  ④ individual domestic mobile phone does not complete stereo Bluetooth module, no Bluetooth listening music function. Bluetooth can be used to connect other phones to detect whether the bluetooth earphones is available.

  4. How to use the bluetooth earphones to listen to songs and voice chat on the computer

  Solution: If your computer comes with Bluetooth, turn on the Bluetooth function to search for the open Bluetooth is on the line; otherwise you need a Bluetooth adapter, the adapter is to connect the bluetooth earphones and computer, through a small Bluetooth software BlueSoleil can be achieved with the computer connection. XP system can automatically identify any Bluetooth adapter, no driver, but XP comes with the adapter software can only transfer files, can not transmit audio. You must install the CD-ROM comes with BlueSoleil this software to transfer audio.