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In-ear Bluetooth Earphones Noise Reduction Effect Is Better
Sep 12, 2017

I believe a lot of friends in the purchase of Bluetooth headset when the various styles are confused and disoriented, then how to wear the way it is right, for sports enthusiasts, in the end is good or ear Bluetooth headset is good. Hanging ear and ear type is mainly based on their actual situation to choose to wear.

1, if the phone is not a lot of words, and do not wear the eyes, you can choose to wear ear-style Bluetooth wear. Hanging ear type can generally adjust the ear hanging comfort, long wear will not cause pain, even if the long exercise will not take off, so you enjoy sports!

2, ear-style Bluetooth headset, regardless of wearing their eyes are suitable for wearing, will not affect the wear glasses, even if the phone can also wear this Bluetooth too much, relatively ear ear than ear hanging more easily. Ear-type Bluetooth headset noise reduction effect is better, and the stethoscope effect is great, bring will weaken the outside sound, easy to fall off when the movement is not recommended when using the outdoor ear.

In addition, you have to understand the sound quality itself or better depends on the song's own bit rate and the ability to play the decoder to determine your equipment and how you listen to the sound quality, as headphones. Can only be in their ability to do within the scope of the microphone only, it is recommended to try to download lossless encoded music.

In fact, the stereo Bluetooth headset also has earplugs, headphones and other forms, but canceled the cable design, the use of Bluetooth wireless function to transmit audio. Relatively speaking, wireless transmission will certainly cause sound quality loss, it is not suitable for enthusiasts. But for the daily commute, outdoor sports and other scenes, the Bluetooth headset obvious advantages, will no longer be cable tied; and similar LG heart rate headphones such as integrated movement, heart rate sensor models, allowing users to wear a sports brace or less Watches, but also worthy of attention to the new type of product.