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In-ear Bluetooth Earphones What Are The Hazards?
May 27, 2017

What is the risk of In-ear Bluetooth Earphones?

What is the risk of In-ear Bluetooth Earphones? Now listen to the headset of a lot of young people, and now the headset fashion trends are basically ear-based, and do not know, long time wearing headphones on their hearing system will cause harm.

As the In-ear Bluetooth Earphones close to the tympanic membrane, acoustic wave propagation range is small and concentrated, the auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum is relatively large, it is easy to cause damage to the eardrum and inner ear, the noise accumulated to a certain extent will produce tinnitus, Dizziness, emotional stress and other symptoms.

The damage to the hearing of the sound in medicine is called noise deafness, noise deafness is mainly divided into chronic sound injury and acute sound injury. Chronic acoustic injury, refers to the long-term exposure to noise caused by the slow progress of the sensorineural hearing loss;

A close-up explosion (such as a bomb in the war) is called: acute acoustic damage, caused by a high-intensity impulse noise instantaneous exposure. Listen to the damage caused by headphones belong to the former.

The severity of noise damage to the hearing is mainly determined by the noise intensity and the exposure time. The stronger the intensity, the longer the exposure time and the more serious. So theoretically, earplugs of hearing damage mainly with the volume of listening to music and wearing headphones related to the time, has nothing to do with the way to wear.

An ear earphone with a 3-hour volume of music up to 70 decibels is more likely to hurt the hearing than an ordinary earbud user with 5 hours of volume per day to 100 dB. And in the same use of the same time under the premise of the volume, there should be no significant difference. According to the provisions of the State in terms of labor protection, the 8-hour working noise tolerance standard is 85 dB, but not more than 90 dB.

As a friend said, the main manifestation of noise deafness is tinnitus, followed by hearing loss, and later can even cause the cerebral cortex, autonomic nervous system, heart, endocrine and digestive system dysfunction. But the symptoms of hearing impairment if the early detection and timely intervention, it can be fully restored. At the same time, In-ear Bluetooth Earphones to a certain extent, can be part of the environmental noise.

In other words, theoretically In-ear Bluetooth Earphones can use a smaller volume to hear more sound details. But this has not yet been heard about the relevant clinical trials to prove. When wearing the ear canal almost feel no pressure. While the ordinary ear to wear a long time, the external auditory canal will have the feeling of Ge pain. In addition, the weather is hot, sweat more time, long-term wear headphones may lead to external auditory canal inflammation.