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In-ear Bluetooth EarphonesReduce Noise From External Noise To Music
Aug 23, 2017

In-ear Bluetooth headphones, also known as ear canal earphones, ear earplugs, or ear-type earners, is a headset that is used in the human auditory organs and, according to their design, seals the user's ear canal when in use.

In-ear Bluetooth headset is based on the ordinary headphones, with glial plug into the ear canal, get better air tightness, increase the performance of headphones, can reduce the external noise on the music interference, reduce the leakage, increase the low frequency The texture and the sense of feeling.

In-ear Bluetooth headset in the ordinary headphones on the basis of the glial plug into the ear canal, get better insulation.

Greatly increased the performance of the headphones, this seal provides a wide range of two functions:

(1) to reduce the external noise on the music interference.

(2) to provide a closed environment, greatly reducing the leakage of sound. From a practical point of view - in a noisy environment; can use a relatively low volume without affecting the appreciation of music.

(2) a: increase the low-frequency texture and sense of the amount; b: increase the performance of the details of the music of these headphones will be connected with the ear plug into the earfront of the first half, thus creating a sealed hearing environment. And many high-end in-ear Bluetooth headphones can even customize the eardrum for customers to provide the best comfort and perfect sound insulation. Headphones in the ordinary headphones on the basis of the glial plug into the ear canal, get better insulation.

Compared with the ear-style Bluetooth headset, although the active noise reduction headphones in the larger size, but still did not provide better noise reduction effect. And people often think that a lot of noise-free headphones sound quality at least count the second (and you pay the price compared to). In contrast, in-ear Bluetooth headphones are smaller and do not sacrifice sound quality.

In-ear type earphones can usually see three kinds of earmuffs: soft plastic sets (also known as "hat", "hedging" type, often made of silicone and polyvinyl chloride), sponge sets, and custom eardrum used hard acrylic (Custom eardrum also has soft plastic and hard / soft film, but not very common). Which is divided into two versions of soft plastic sets: general and different sizes. General-purpose earmuffs, such as three-piece sets of sound specials and some two sets, which allow the user to choose the depth of the insertion into the ear canal, which is usually inserted deeper to enhance the sound insulation (this method is also considered " Foreign body "strong way to wear). Different sizes of earmuffs, such as Shure's soft earmuffs, have three sizes: trumpet, medium and large. The user chooses these earmuffs according to their comfort when they are well worn.