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In-Ear Headphones Frequently Asked Questions
Mar 28, 2017

Some tips: If you really want to burn your ear headphones, two days (about 50 hours) playing music with normal volume for most in-ear headphones is enough - this is the author for a variety of in-ear headphones personal experience. Does the earphone need an amp? Some in-ear headphones really need a amp to play a bright spot, some low-sensitivity in-ear headphones, such as the sound of the United States ER4S, usually need an ear to play its full strength.

However, most of the in-ear headphones on the market do not require any amp to be able to play their full potential, even if the time will let their sound a little bit of improvement.

The easiest way to understand whether an in-ear headset is needed is to read the instructions. The usual principle is that the impedance of 50 ohms and the sensitivity of more than 98 decibels in ear headphones absolutely do not need amp. Stethoscopic effects and bone conduction For new users of in-ear headphones, the two questions are their most criticized: the "stethoscope effect" (also known as "wire noise") and "bone conduction phenomenon". The stethoscope effect refers to the in-ear headphones that users can hear from those that are transmitted from the wire into the headphones (caused by wire friction clothing or something else). "