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Mobile Phone Headset And Computer Headset, MP3 Headset Difference
Mar 28, 2017

First of all, these three devices headphone hole output current is DC, not AC. But the computer because of the different equipment, is 220V voltage regulator after the distribution of the various parts of the computer motherboard, the various parts of the current and voltage requirements are not the same, and the computer motherboard sound card independent work required voltage and current and two other small Equipment is much larger, in tune the maximum volume can be much larger than the other two devices, so the computer headphone hole output voltage is about 3.2 ~ 5V or so, and MP3 and mobile phone at most between 2.5 ~ 3V Wandering. Sound waves in the analysis of the output will be due to the high and low frequency of music will be random fluctuations in the voltage. 

So: mobile phone headset if inserted in the MP3, because with the same voltage, so it will not cause the headset sonic boom or damage and the like, can be universal.

But if the phone or MP3 headphones plug in the computer headphone hole, it will be because the computer hole voltage will appear some sonic or damage the headset, because the headphone coil rated voltage is limited to 3V below. You suddenly all of a sudden so that 3V headphones to withstand the computer's 5V voltage fluctuations, this way the headset will be used for a long time will be bad.