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Mobile Phone Headset Failure And Repair
Mar 28, 2017

Popular headphones are generally head-mounted and ear-type two, and the vast majority of stereo headphones. When you listen to the program with the headset, if you find all the way silent, you should first check the stereo headphones head, you can use a universal meter resistance file, respectively, measure the stereo headset left and right two pairs of the public is open. In general, this failure is most common, probably because the user will headset in his pocket or bag and use

(Such as some of the fake or poor quality of the headphones lead to a very poor toughness, repeated pull several times will be broken), this happens, you should replace the headphone cable or plug (if the plug and the wire is a break Only all replaced). Replace the headphones carefully when replacing, gently exposed the voice coil wire and headset connection, and then replace, pay attention not to break the voice coil lead. If the voice coil or voice coil disconnected, you can only get off the headset.