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The Radiation Of Bluetooth Earphones
Jun 14, 2017

  The radiation of bluetooth earphones

  Bluetooth products output power of only 1 MW, is the microwave oven power one out of 10,000, is the mobile phone (cell phone) power of 1 per thousand, but also, only a small number of these outputs are absorbed by the human body. The radiation of the human body is more green and safe, and the children and pregnant women can be assured of the use of the Bluetooth on the phone and the traditional connection.

  When using a bluetooth earphones to pick up or call a phone, the antenna transmitting and receiving the electromagnetic wave will be far away from the human body, so the effect of radiation on the human body will become weaker due to the distance.

  The use of Bluetooth headphones does not eliminate cell phone radiation, but it's like a bulletproof vest, using a bluetooth earphones, like putting yourself on a bulletproof vest, with its protection, in the use of a mobile phone, you can put the radiation bullets outside the human body, so as to avoid the mobile phone on the human body can be a variety of harm.

  bluetooth earphones transmission data is sent in the form of electromagnetic waves received, so-called radiation is electromagnetic radiation, everyone said the radiation on the human body is mainly generated by the intensity and frequency of electromagnetic waves, when both exist at the same time and the high value of radiation on our damage is very big, but with the development of science and technology, people gradually solved this problem, is the advent of bluetooth earphones, bluetooth earphones using a low frequency, relatively long-distance transmission, So the frequency and intensity of the electromagnetic waves it receives are less, if there is no problem with the product quality, it is relative to the direct call to use bluetooth earphones less radiation, suitable for pregnant women and so on, of course, we need to choose a good bluetooth earphones, we can choose different brand model version of the use of parameters to consider.