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The Role Of Headphone Holster
Mar 28, 2017

Headset manufacturers, headphones holster is widely used in aircraft, mobile phones, microphones, recording hall, Internet cafes computer, MP3, MP4, video machines, learning machines and other headset accessories.

Non-slip, no ear cotton headset easy to fall from the ear, wear is not strong;

Headset manufacturers to analyze, to prevent leakage of sound, fully enjoy the sound of headphones;

To prevent the ear shell and the ear between the resonance between the ear, to ease the long headphones caused by ear discomfort;

Headset manufacturers said, do not look at it inconspicuous, but the role can not be ignored. Some of the headset bass is a shortcoming of it, without ear cotton, then feel the treble is relatively high, bass a little virtual, and there is the phenomenon of missing sound. Plus the billet after the bass has become very real, the phenomenon of missing sound is gone, high school low frequency is more balanced. So if the sound of the headset bass is not good enough friends, listen to music when you do not forget to put your earplugs ear cotton, it can add a sense of balance for your love machine, give you a better bass expressive force The