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What Are The Ways To Wear Bluetooth Earphones?
Oct 30, 2017

Today, Bluetooth earphones has become a mobile phone and other mobile devices are very important ancillary equipment, more and more people in daily life more and more like to use Bluetooth to call and entertainment, designers also according to the consumer's wearing habits, design earplugs, after hanging in the ear type, head-wearing type of different types of Bluetooth earphones.

Earphone type Bluetooth earphones

Advantages: Because no complex cavity design, most of these headphones are relatively small and easy to carry, in the development of low-cost, also relative low prices, headphones are generally inexpensive, suitable for mass consumption, formerly the mainstream consumer products in the market.

Disadvantage: It's open structure, leading to the ubiquitous phenomenon of sound leakage in headphones. And the design of the open sound effect is not very ideal, in the noise environment, the use of headphones is not very clear, a lot of people are accustomed to adjust the volume, it is inevitable that the ear function will cause different degrees of damage. In addition, earplugs headphones are just outside the ear canal, headphones and ears are not very close, the use of the process easy to produce headphones drop problem.

After hanging in-ear bluetooth earphones

Advantages: From a practical point of view, the hanging ear-type and the ear-type combination is a trend, ear-type headphones into the ear canal and its close, so the sound insulation effect is good, and with the ear hanging to wear more solid, in addition, the earphone rich exposed structure can also enhance the wearer's temperament

Disadvantage: First of all, the security of the sound effect of good, walking on the road to listen to songs can not be too fascinated. Secondly, is the cleaning problem, if the ear plug is not regularly clean, the breeding of a large number of bacteria will induce a variety of ear disease; if the earplugs are unsuitable or the ergonomic design of the earphones is unreasonable, the frequent entry and exit of earplugs can easily bruise the ear canal. In addition, ear-type Bluetooth earphones is not suitable for wearing glasses.

Head-wearing Bluetooth earphones

Advantages: Head-wearing bluetooth earphones is almost completely closed to the ears, headphones on the external environment noise isolation effect is good, can be used in large noise production plants or noisy environment, because of the wear without ear, so almost no ear canal, eardrum damage, head-wearing type of ear damage is the smallest.

Disadvantage: Due to the effective isolation of external environment noise, head-wearing Bluetooth earphones security is poor, especially in the area of heavy traffic is unsafe, and the earphones itself heavy weight, larger, carry very inconvenient, in waterproof performance is not enough, not suitable for sports and travel use.


No matter what kind of wear, have their advantages and disadvantages, and consumers to buy headphones use and using the scene is not the same, therefore, consumers according to their needs to choose their own earphones is the most important, suitable of course is the best!