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What Is A Bluetooth Earphones? How Is It Used?
Aug 04, 2017

  What is a bluetooth earphones? How is it used?

  First: the bluetooth earphones is to match the success of the phone, you can use the bluetooth earphones to answer or hang up the phone and so on.

  Second: bluetooth earphones has several ways to wear: single ear is divided into: ear hanging and ear plug type. Headset is divided into: ears and ears earbuds. There is also a: after wearing a bluetooth earphones. This is relatively rare.

  Third: you can according to their actual use to choose their own bluetooth earphones to use.

  General phone and bluetooth earphones connection there are two cases, the detailed steps are as follows:

  The first case: the new bluetooth earphones and mobile phone connection steps: 1, the phone's Bluetooth function is turned on. 2, go to search for Bluetooth status. 3, open the Bluetooth switch, the new Bluetooth will automatically enter the match mode. 4, bluetooth earphones blue light, red light alternately flashing, search phone automatically connected. 5, pay attention to mobile phones and bluetooth earphones distance to 10 meters.

  Phone and bluetooth earphones secondary connection, the steps are as follows:

  1, the phone to open the Bluetooth function, go to search the bluetooth earphones status.

  2, so that the bluetooth earphones in the boot state, you need to press the bluetooth earphones answer key.

  3, until the light: blue light alternately flash and then release.

  4, this time the bluetooth earphones and mobile phone will once again into the match.

  5, and other mobile phone above the display of this Bluetooth device, click OK to connect to use.

  6, pay attention to mobile phones and bluetooth earphones distance to 10 meters.