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What Is A Wire-controlled Bluetooth Earphones?
Oct 12, 2017

What is a wire-controlled Bluetooth earphones?

Many businesses in the promotion of Bluetooth earphones products, always mentioned that the earphones is wire-controlled, not very professional for many consumers, simply do not understand what is the wire, but also do not know the earphones Some advantages and disadvantages, the following is to give you under the science of this knowledge. A wired Bluetooth earphones is a earphones that controls access to the device on the Bluetooth earphones. Such as controlling the remote music player device switching function, playback and pause function, volume size adjustment function.

The wired Bluetooth earphones is installed in the middle of the line due to the operation button, so there is also called the central control Bluetooth earphones. (Audio interface, USB interface, etc.), basically are using four-wire connection, which "shared loop GND" is the earphones around the channel, the earphones, Microphone, output control of the common loop, this principle is certain.

The advantages of wire-controlled Bluetooth earphones is more convenient to control, compared to some buttons designed in the earphones on the earphones, you can avoid the wrong button. Disadvantages are wired Bluetooth earphones, because the wire often contact with the body frequently, easy to produce stethoscope effect, the sound quality of the earphones has an impact, in order to avoid this phenomenon, many manufacturers through the use of special clip to solve.