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Wireless Earphones Classification And Purchase
Sep 12, 2017

Wireless headset with a very convenient, but a wide range, you can distinguish clear, wireless headset - do not use the line with what?

Wireless headset is the core of the work is to deal with audio signals, and audio can be wireless way in the audio and headphones between the transmission. Among them, the wireless headset work can be divided into analog and digital way two cases. The main simulation mode is FM, infrared and so on. While the main digital way is that we are common in recent years, 2.4G and Bluetooth two ways.

FM analog wireless headset - entry price is low, low bandwidth vulnerable to interference

FM technology is widely used, the product price is relatively low, but does not support full-duplex work

In the past, we have not only widely used in radio programs through FM analog wireless technology, but also gradually appeared in some personal use of wireless headset products. These FM-based wireless headsets can be used for FM radio, in addition to being used for transmitting audio signals. Moreover, with the popularity of FM technology and technical content of the reduction, the current market common FM wireless technology headphones are mostly cheaper, even as long as less than 100 yuan price. Only part of the individual brand products, still priced at hundreds of thousands of high level.

It is widely believed that FM technology bandwidth is narrow, susceptible to interference, but there are still individual use of FM technology, wireless headset pricing higher

In addition, the shortcomings of FM technology is also quite prominent, confidentiality is not strong, vulnerable to interference and frequency effects, transmission bandwidth is narrow, poor sound quality and other characteristics have been limited FM wireless headset development. And does not support full-duplex work of the FM technology, more difficult to become popular with the computer, a network of wireless headset products required.

Infrared analog wireless headset - entry price is high, there is a directive needs

Infrared technology bandwidth is high, but there is directivity, can not penetrate the barrier

Relative to the FM technology, another analog technology infrared wireless transmission technology in the signal transmission and sound quality has a good performance, and infrared wireless transmission will not be affected by electromagnetic waves. However, such high quality transmission must be based on sufficient transmit power and the best acceptable area as a basis. Infrared wireless transmission technology to the actual requirements of the environment is relatively high. Currently on the market using infrared wireless technology is not a lot of headphones, the price is generally more than 100 yuan.

Infrared wireless headset products less, the price is higher

In addition, because the environment of light and light will still greatly reduce the infrared transmission quality, and infrared transmission can not penetrate the barrier, transmission distance is short, can not work full duplex, so infrared wireless technology can not be used as headset product. This greatly limits the use of infrared wireless headphones.

Bluetooth digital wireless headset - the price is relatively high, the function is more abundant

Bluetooth monaural headset for mobile phone calls are well known

At present, the application of digital wireless technology is basically overcome the shortcomings of analog wireless technology can not duplex work, anti-interference ability, sound quality is low and other shortcomings. Which Bluetooth technology for the Bluetooth headset is more well known. Because Bluetooth is a system that contains a lot of application direction, in addition to audio signal transmission, but also take into account many other aspects of the application, so many of the current electronic products will join the Bluetooth module to expand the application of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth wide applicability, but for compatibility considerations, Bluetooth bandwidth utilization is not high

However, in order to ensure the integrity of the work of the agreement, Bluetooth needs a considerable part of the bandwidth used to maintain the overall system compatibility, and relatively, the audio signal transmission bandwidth is difficult to be fully protected. However, with higher specifications such as 2.0 + EDR, 2.1 + EDR or still not popular version 3.0 specifications are gradually adopted, Bluetooth headset audio bandwidth and performance is also gradually increased. Of course, the higher the performance of the better specifications, will naturally be more expensive. Most of the market is divided into mono Bluetooth headset and stereo Bluetooth headset. The general mono is relatively cheap, only use the call to use, and the stereo can be through the Bluetooth to listen to better quality music, the price is higher. We must buy a lot of attention when buying.