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Wireless Earphones Features Introduction
Nov 02, 2017

wireless earphones and wired headset compared to the sound quality is not very different, more convenient wireless, mainly in the middle of the line was replaced by radio, wireless headset is divided into three parts: the first part is the sound source, the second part is the receiver, The third part is the headset part, this part of the main function is used to send the phone or receiver signal into the sound and then spread to the human ear.


1, a wireless transmission, wireless monitoring, wireless voice chat and other functions;

2, with a professional learning program, can learn a variety of home appliances remote control (TV, VCR, DVB, DVD, etc.) function, can also be used as digital set-top box remote control. 2. Aiben TV6 can wirelessly listen to all channels of audio, computer, game, VCD, DVD, audio, MP3, MP4, CD and other audio output with any electrical appliances. 3. The use of wireless headphones, can be quiet in the case of television, free to enjoy the wonderful program. 4. The transmitter will be placed in the elderly, babies, patients and other people need to take care of people, the use of the receiver can listen to the voice of the caregivers, easy and easy care. 5. The use of imported imported tube and the core technology, high sensitivity anti-interference, super signal, the effect is outstanding, the effective range (less than) 30 meters, can be received by the wall.

Wireless headset power supply

Wireless headset and wired headset, in addition to the way to connect the sound source is different, the other difference is: wireless headset need battery power to work properly, this is due to the wireless headset internal decoder work of the unique properties of the decision. Choose a wireless headset to accept the reality that it requires charging and maintenance. With the vast majority of battery-powered headphones, wireless headphones generally by the lithium battery wireless headset and dry battery wireless headphones.

Built-in lithium battery

From the current mainstream wireless headset power supply point of view, the general use of the practice of built-in lithium. This is mainly because, on the one hand taking into account the late use of the user's cost of the problem, the use of built-in lithium battery practice is significantly more than the battery can be replaced by wireless headset economic and environmental protection more; the other hand, wireless headphones than noise reduction headphones, the vast majority The use of time are indoors, it is easy to find the power to charge, and do not take into account the use of battery replacement convenience; Finally, the built-in lithium wireless headset indicators can meet the needs of a day, , Night charge, is already a very complete set of standards.

Dry battery can be changed

In addition, some high-end wireless headset products are designed to support replaceable battery design, such as Sennheiser RS220 wireless headset, built-in two 7 batteries, the user can charge the battery, you can also charge the headset through a dedicated charging, the design of.