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Wireless Earphones Past Life
Jun 28, 2017

  wireless earphones past life

  In fact, the wireless earphones is not what new things, international manufacturers have also launched in the early wireless earphones products, then the wireless carrier technology is not mature, wireless earphones is difficult to use, and expensive.

  Some early use of wireless headphones friends still in the shadow, so the wireless earphones is in conflict with the inevitable. However, the physical development is always, the current wireless earphones has been quite mature, and spend 100 yuan or so you can buy a 2.4G technology using wireless earphones products, whether it is wearing comfort, sound quality performance, or the overall work , Have been with the same price segment of the wired headset difference is very small, no matter what, we seem to have no reason to refuse the wireless earphones.

  At present, the mainstream wireless earphones product prices are 100 yuan to 500 yuan price hovering, but there are some thousand dollars or more products. To the thousand dollar level above the product, most wireless earphones has a wireless call function, brand and product are not too many shortcomings can point out that this type of wireless earphones is a very enjoyable thing. However, the 100-level wireless earphones has been able to meet the needs of 80% of users, if not necessary, no need to consider too high-end wireless earphones.