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Wireless EarphonesHow To Choose Good
Aug 23, 2017

The ear is the human hearing sensory, sweet voice can make people feel happy to bring people to enjoy the beauty, when we headphones immersed in the music of the ocean when a comfortable headset will be able to cultivate our mood to make less effective. Here I teach you how to choose a good wireless headset.

1. headset comfort

Headset comfort is very important, the use of headphones at the same time as there are other activities should also be taken into account, a headset can not be too tight nor too loose, should be able to wear for a long time. While the Aiben digital wireless headset head and unit can be adjusted to ensure the use of different head shape and the use of different purposes, professional audio personnel sometimes need a single unit monitor, the unit needs to be able to rotate, the other line length and unit Line mode is also a factor affecting the use. In the adjustment of the length of the headband to pay attention to: the headband is short, the head of the pressure, the pressure on the head of the head on the small, head long and reverse, three points of pressure to get the balance is the most comfortable, for the adaptive head With this problem does not exist.

2. Headset durability

Aiban digital wireless headset to withstand power between 100mW-1000mW, a small power can push the headset is loud, more than bear the power when there is the possibility of damage to the headset, the general civilian headphones to withstand less than 100mW, professional headphones in the 100mW-1000mW. High-impedance headset voice coil resistance is strong, unlike the low-impedance earphone voice coil on the power changes as sensitive and more durable.

In short, wearing a comfortable and durable headphones to listen to music can give us the feeling of being immersive, let us in the fast-paced life under the pressure to relax, can delight our body and mind, give us beautiful to enjoy.